“We are aware of the overall importance of Health and Safety at work (HSE) in the course of our project execution. Central to this awareness is the underlying belief that successful productive venture is save in the principle of HSE.”

HSE Policy:

  • We remain committed to the achievement of zero fatality through effective Hazard Management Systems
  • HSE is built and integrated into disparate job descriptions in such a way that it facilitates and actualizes planned business proposals
  • Our Cumulative plans/programs for HSE is centered around Accident prevention, Equipment integrity, Health, Environmental protection, Security of workers and the achievement of zero LTI (Lost Time Injury)
  • HSE Education and Training is used to stimulate HSE-consciousness among our employees, and to instill in them discipline and the right attitude to work
  • The gains of dialogue in the achievement of a non-confrontational, symbiotic relation with Host Communities is harnessed
  • HSE shall continue to rank equal with productive and constructive activities
  • Effective supervision and auditing is used to monitor implementation
  • HSE remains a line Management responsibility in our organisation
  • This Policy is achievable through the collective responsibility of all our stakeholders