We believe in making a positive difference in the lives of people around us. This has given us a sense of fulfillment and notion to give back to the community.

Job creation in all our host communities and environment
-Average of 40% of our workforce is from the host communities
Provision of portable and drinkable water
-Provision of water for Asaba, Ofeimiri, Ubahu, Udume and Amaeke villages in Abia state
-Provision of seven boreholes at Ogbelle community in Abua, Rivers state
Support for health
-Free health scheme for all our employees regardless of their health conditions
Employee Pension scheme
-7.5% Free Employer Pension contribution over and above all our employee’s salaries
Construction of roads, bridges, erosion controls free of charge for our host communities
-Construction of West-East road from Enugu/Port Harcourt Junction to the Oil Mill Junction at Ugwunagbo village in Obiagu Lekwesi, Abia State
– Construction of erosion control at Asaba Ofemiri and Ubahu towns in Abia State
Scholarship programs for community students
-Scholarship award to Lekwesi community students in Abia State
-9-Scholarship/bursary to Amata community students in Ebonyi State


Community Development Projects

  • Construction of 6 class room blocks for Ogbelle community School in Ahoada East LGA of Rivers State.

  • Provision of a 12 room toilet facility for Opollo Community in Bayelsa State

  • Provision of 100 plastic chairs for Iriebe Community in Rivers State

  • Financial support to Umuakonu Community Etche LGA, Rivers state for rehablitation of their community town hall.

  • Provision of 100 plastic chairs and 5 cannopies for Rumuibekwe community, Obiokpor LGA of Rivers state.

  • Dredging and stock piling of 20,000 cubic of sand for Gbarain community, Yenegoa LGA of Bayelsa state.

  • Donation of 300 KVA generating set to Amata Ishiagu Community in Ivo LGA Ebonyi State

  • Empowerment donations to Obiagu and Ekenyi community at Lekwesi, Abia state

  • Empowerment donations to Amata community in Ivo LGA, Ebonyin state

  • Training indigenes of Amata community of Ebonyi State as technicians

  • Skill development and training for host community people as mechanics, electrical engineers, crushing plant and drilling machine operators etc

  • Construction and renovation of community schools