untitled-22Shell Petroleum Development Company

Construction of Drilling Location and Access Road WMUD-1, Etelebou, Bayelsa Sate. 

Contract No: E- 16775/001

Reconstruction of Gbaran SOGW Drilling Location and Access Road.

Contract No: E  16794/007

Reconstruction of Adibawa North – East Location.

Contract No: E  16794/012

Reconstruction of Oloibiri Wells 3, 8, 11, 13, 15 and Access Road


Niger Delta Petroleum Resources


Construction of Ogbele Community 1.7Km Road to NDPR Flow station.

Preparation of Access Road, Platform, water-borehole and Ancillary items in New Camp Site at Ogbele

Sand-filling of Obumeze Gas Plant

Construction of Ogbele Well-1.

Construction of Ogbele Well-6.

Niger Delta Development Commission



Contract No: NDDC/EDP/2/AKS/PR/163

Construction of Nung Udoe Itak Uyo Obio – Anyan Ediene – Aka Ekpene Road Akwa Ibom State.

Construction of Nung Udoe, Itak Ekpeme Road and later Extension of same road by 3.6KM

Construction of Nung Udoe, Itak Ekpeme 15KM Road.

Nigerian Agip Oil Company


Contract No: E – 16755/003

Preparation of Obiafu South West Deep Location.

Contract No: N2Y3403P/00

Rehabilitation and Asphalting of Main Access to Utuechi Community (Ndoni 6th Section)

Contract No: 45000-11870-6/000

Construction of OBIAFU SOUTHWEST DEEP, Access Road and Bridge Bye pass, Pilling, Earthworks, pilling, Culverts and Abutments for Triple Span and Sheet Piles

Federal Ministry of Work


Contract No: DO – 5822

Federal Ministry of Works Rehabilitation / Completion of Owerri – Obowo Road.

Federal Roads Maintenance Agency


Contract No: D O – FRC 08 – 07

Maintenance / Repair by Retainership of Port Harcourt/ Aba Dual Carriage Way

Contract No: MRFHN – 08I

Repair/Maintenance of Owerri-Umanelu-Elele-Isiokpo-P/H Road (Section I: Eleme Junction – Elele Alimini Road)

Contract No: MRFHN -04E

Repair/Maintenance of Aliade – Oturkpo – Enugu – Umuahia -P/H Road (Section E: PH/ABIA S/B DUAL CARRIAGEWAY)

Contract No: MRFHN – 08G

Repair/Maintenance of Owerri-Umanelu-Elele-Isiokpo-P/H Road (Section G: Rumukwurushi – Chokocho Road)



Contract No: TB 2001-135

Resurfacing of Ossu Roads.

Contract No: TB 2001-138135

Ossu Campsite Earthworks and Surface Sealing.

Contract No: TB 2001-154

Earthworks for Ossu Drilling Location-5.

Contract No: TB 2001-233

Filling of Izombe Well-11 Pit.

Contract No: TB 2001-255

Izombe-11 Concrete Works.

Contract No: TB-256

Izombe Campsite Preparation.

Contract No: TB-257

Izombe Earthwork & Surface Sealing.

Contract No: TB-266

Filling of Ossu-5 Pit.

Contract TB 340

Construction of Izombe T-700 & T-300 Reinforced Concrete Bundwall.

Waltersmith Petroman Oil Ltd

untitled-2Construction of IBIGWE-4 Drilling Location, Main Access and Camp Site.

Construction of Ibigwe Crude Oil Tank Farm